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Check out our podcast for universal principles, therapeutic strategies, amazing manifestation techniques, supervision and more! I provide training, tips and learning for coaches, therapists and supportive professionals.


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What I Offer.

As an experienced Clinical Social Worker with multiple degrees and over two decades of expertise in mental health, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a diverse background to the table.

As a Trauma Therapist, I am deeply committed to supporting individuals who struggle with challenges such as addiction, anxiety, grief, trauma, and attachment patterns. I help to clear any limitations and blocks so that individuals can achieve the mindset and lives they desire.

As a Manifestation Coach I use my own Manifestation Therapy method to support individuals to clear limiting beliefs and negative cycles in order to find a life of abundance and possibility.

I also work with supportive professionals to achieve their highest potential and enhance their practices.

Supporting others from surviving into thriving is my passion and my purpose.

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Online Courses

In addition to offering therapy and coaching we have created a transformative learning experience. A certification to empower you with profound knowledge and practical skills that can elevate your practice to new heights.

Dive deep into the universal principles that are the foundation for Manifestation Therapy.  Gain a valuable Certification in a revolutionary approach that combines traditional therapeutic techniques with the power of energetic principles to foster deep, meaningful change.

Unlock your next level and gain the clients that you align with.

Our Master Classes are designed to fine-tune your skills and broaden your understanding in your own specific areas of interest.

Learn from seasoned experts and gain insider knowledge that can set you apart in your field.

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Manifestation Therapy Community

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What You'll Find in Our Community:

  • Tips and Strategies: Enhance your practice with insights and actionable strategies.
  • Free Meditations: Join us for meditation sessions designed to help you center your mind, align with your intentions, and manifest positive outcomes.
  • Exclusive Blog Posts: Get access to additional blog content that delves deeper into Manifestation Therapy and related topics.
  • Engagement and Support: Share your experiences, ask for advice, and offer your insights in a supportive and nurturing environment.¬†
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What is Manifestation Therapy?

Created for the individual, and practiced by supportive professionals.

Are you a professional looking to transform the lives of those grappling with adverse childhood experiences, maladaptive coping mechanisms, and the effects of trauma? I am thrilled to introduce you to Manifestation Therapy‚ÄĒa groundbreaking approach designed to shift mindsets positively, promote healthier life choices.

Manifestation Therapy isn't just a modality; it's a movement towards nurturing resilience and enhancing the capacity to thrive.

Enrich your practice and elevate your professional and personal journey. Join us today to start making a profound impact. 

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"Manifestation Therapy has changed my life completely.  I have reached goals that no other therapist was able to motivate me to even consider a possibility."


"I have finally been able to reach the life I have always wanted to be living.  I have cleared so many unprocessed traumas and am now living the life I always dreamed."

 Previous client.

"I have surpassed all of my goals and created the life I dreamed of having with the support I found in Judy's coaching."


A Beacon of Empathy and Manifestation: A Review of Judy

"I've had the privilege of working with Judy and feel compelled to share my experience. She is not just a trauma therapist but a true beacon of empathy, inspiration, and manifestation. From the very first session, Judy radiated genuine warmth and compassion, creating an environment that fostered trust and openness. What truly sets Judy apart is her unique incorporation of manifestation techniques into the therapeutic process. Judy excels not only in the traditional aspects of counseling but goes above and beyond by infusing sessions with empathy, inspiration, and a unique focus on manifestation. My experience with her has been transformative, and I wholeheartedly recommend Judy."